PCL : Swift Current Long Term Care Centre





The groundbreaking ceremony at the site in Swift Current on September 18, 2014, signaled construction commencement of the Swift Current Long Term Care Centre, a new 225-bed health-care center that will serve southwest Saskatchewan.

Upon its completion in the spring of 2016, this highly anticipated and much-needed facility replaced three existing health-care facilities: the Swift Current Care Centre, Prairie Pioneers Lodge, and the Palliser Regional Care Centre.

The center will be completed as a private-public partnership (P3) under a 30-year, design-build-finance-maintain contract.

Plenary Health was selected as the preferred proponent. PCL Construction Management Inc. joins the consortium as design-builder, along with two other partners: Johnson Controls Canada Limited Partnership (service provider) and Stantec Architecture Ltd. (designer).

During the design process, consultations with staff, user groups, and resident and family representatives yielded many innovations that were incorporated into the plans:

– The facility is designed around a series of small houses, which look and feel like homes and have plenty of sunlight and easy access to outdoor areas.

– Small houses encourage familiarity and social activity, which will enhance the warmth of the living environment.

– Adoption of smart technology, such as handheld communication devices, charting tablets, and a ceiling lift in every room.