PCL : Cane Run Unit 7 Power Plant




Located along the Ohio River southwest of Louisville, Cane Run Unit 7 Power Plant will bring a dramatic reduction in emissions compared to conventional electricity sources. It will also provide up to 660 megawatts of capacity to this area of Kentucky—the amount needed to power approximately 660,000 homes. Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities’ new 2 x 1 combined cycle plant replaces existing coal-fired units with cleaner sources of energy to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s strict environmental regulations.

The joint venture project between PCL Industrial Construction Co. and Black & Veatch’s wholly owned subsidiary, Overland Contracting, Inc., included engineering, procurement, construction, and start-up/commissioning. Under the Kentucky Public Service Commission, energy providers must meet the needs of their customers by using the lowest-cost alternative available, which, in this case, meant a switch from coal-fired to natural gas units. For Kentucky residents, Cane Run Unit 7 translates into low-cost, reliable, cleaner energy for years to come.