New House Plans Deliver Quality & Comfort to Home Buyers

A poll conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that 96 percent of homeowners are happy with their decision to own, rather than rent a home. Having a permanent place to call your own is a primal human desire, and makes good economic sense. But is it better to buy an older home, or should you invest in a new property? Of course, your answer will depend on various factors, including your budget and the available real estate in your area. Overall, however, we believe building from new house plans will provide more satisfaction in the long term, for the reasons outlined below.
Benefits of Building a New Home
1. Customization. If you contract for custom home design services or build from a predesigned house plan, you’ll be able to choose everything during construction—from basic construction materials to finishes and appliances. Modern construction techniques provide a lot of important choices that are not available when purchasing an existing property. Items such as wall insulation, mechanical systems and water management features are going to affect your budget for the lifetime of your home.
But using and customizing modern house plans goes beyond such predilections. Multigenerational home plans are very much in demand as homebuilders cater to the “atypical” structure of many modern families. If parents or boomerang college kids will be sharing your home, it will be far easier to find privacy and comfort for the whole family in a new home designed specifically for your family dynamic than trying to cram everyone into a home designed for the stereotypical mother, father, and 2.3 children.
2. Nothing to repair – and a warranty. In a new home, you won’t have to spend weekends fixing things up. Indeed, many new homes constructed from great 21stcentury house plans now include warranties covering repairs for up to 10 years. What peace of mind you’ll enjoy with a warranty on your new home!
3. Modern open layouts. Older homes often feature smaller, more boxed-off rooms that modern homebuyers often find cramped. In contrast, contemporary house plans almost always boast open floor plans to increase flow and comfort.
4. Modern wiring. If you’ve ever lived in an older home, you’re well aware that previous generations weren’t nearly as “plugged in” as we are today. For instance, 1960s homes rarely have enough outlets to support contemporary entertainment demands. Up-to-date wiring can even include built-in network and entertainment systems. If you’re looking to build a home from our comfortable multigenerational home plans, you know your new home will have the right number of outlets to provide power to all members of your clan.
5. New community. New housing developments often feature wonderful livability-boosting elements, such as walking trails and tennis or basketball courts. In addition to outdoor amenities, they may also be situated nearby transportation and shopping areas. Community development plans have changed drastically over the years, as municipalities have learned that street layout affects crime levels and community involvement.
6. Superior energy efficiency. Homes built from older house plans are just as inefficient as the outdated appliances they contain. New homes are designed to be more efficient, have superior insulation; advanced heating and cooling systems; and tightly sealed windows. You can bet your energy bills will be considerably lower in a new home. For true efficiency enthusiasts, custom home design services can create net zero homes that generate as much energy as they expend.
Our Custom Home Design Services
Here at AMDA, we have worked with thousands of families to create their custom dream homes and have created countless custom house plans that are available to purchase online. Whether your home will be built on a steep slope or you want a separate one-bedroom apartment within your existing home, we can work with you to design a stunning set of house plans contractors will have no problem bringing to fruition.