How to Choose a Designer for your Contemporary Home Plans

These days, it seems everything is customizable, but the ultimate in individualization is found in custom home plans. Having your initials embroidered on your linens is one thing; living in a home built exactly to your preferences is quite another.
However, a custom home also poses its own challenges – for instance, how do you find a designer who can deliver your dream home on time and on budget?
How to Choose a Designer for your Contemporary Home Plans
When choosing a designer for your custom home, it’s important to find someone you can work closely with to bring your vision to life. Here are some tips to help you get started:
Get references. Speak with other homeowners who have worked with your prospective designer to create contemporary house plans. Ask what went well during the design process, as well as what could have gone better.
Check for liability insurance and code compliance. Your custom designer must carry liability insurance to protect your home plan investment if something goes awry during the building process. Also, you’ll need a designer to can produce house plans that will meet state and local codes. Local and state certifications indicate compliance, but it’s also a good idea to ask about this when speaking with referring homeowners.
Favor designers whose style matches your own. You wouldn’t commission Leonardo Da Vinci to produce an abstract painting; nor does it make sense to select a designer whose style veers from your own preferences. It’s also wise to opt for a designer who has worked with your type of lot. For instance, if your lot is sloped, your designer should have experience working with sloped lots.
Mascord’s Custom Home Plan Services
While we are probably best known for our wide selection of stock home plan designs, we also offer custom home design services at Alan Mascord Design Associates. Indeed, we sincerely enjoy the opportunity to work with homeowners on creating the perfect contemporary house plans for their families. We have extensive experience working with homeowners to make their dream homes a reality. For a taste of our custom design portfolio, we encourage you to check out the Yamane Residence, a contemporary home we designed last year.
Contemporary House Plans from Mascord
We can create a custom home plan to exactly match your preferences, or you can select from our collection of contemporary home plans. The contemporary style often includes large windows, open floor plans, asymmetrical rooflines and a blend of different building materials. Currently, there are more than 85 homes in our collection of stock contemporary house plans. If you’re considering building a custom contemporary home, it can be helpful to browse through our collection. If you should happen to find a design you love, we can usually customize it to your own inclinations.