Designing The Residential Landscape

Landscape architect design garden plan

Enhance your earnings and marketability by adding this certificate to your training portfolio. This program will introduce the theory and concepts of successful landscape design for residential properties while teaching you the critical aspects of design necessary to prepare a basic residential landscape plan. A class field trip to a commercial nursery is included. Registration … Read more

Outstanding Geofencing Tools to Use on Your Construction Site


Borders and walls might have been a central point of contention during the U.S. election, but their use on construction sites is far less controversial. For example, have you ever erected a fence around a work area to protect your assets? Or considered a barrier to keep people out, or to simply make tracking who … Read more

Manage Construction Employees’ Schedules with Planday Mobile App


Mobile app: Planday Employee Scheduling Developer: Planday A/S Cost: Monthly cost based on number of employees Available on: Apple and Android devices Easily manage employee schedules, human resources, time clocking and team communication with the Planday Employee Scheduling mobile app. Planday users can create, update, share and edit shifts via real-time schedule through the app … Read more

The Instrustion to Construction Risk Insurance


Do you worry that your building under construction may catch fire? Or get vandalized? Does the thought of stolen heavy equipment or construction materials make you nervous? You’re not alone. In fact, a study from the Chartered Institute of Building found that 92% of respondents in the construction industry suffer from regular site theft. One … Read more

Project Management will enhance your expertise and expand your career options


It’s crucial in multiple industries with a qualification employers routinely seek in job candidates to master a skill . Earning the Project Management Certificate will enhance your expertise and expand your career options. Registration More Information and Registration Prerequisite Working knowledge of computers and access to a computer and the Internet are required.High school diploma or … Read more

Some Rules for Smooth Construction Project Management


As a construction contractor, you’ve got to wear plenty of hats. You are quality control, business manager, human resources, and keeper of the budget, just to name a few. Part of the job is knowing how to combine all these roles to ensure smooth construction project management and satisfied customers. After all, poor management means … Read more

Construction Project Management Certificate


This certificate program combines the prestige of Southern Polytechnic State University’s construction management program with KSU’s award-winning College of Continuing and Professional Education. Our instruction team consists of Ph.D. and master’s-level professors with decades of experience who are actively involved in the continued growth and advancement of this industry. The Construction Project Management Certificate Program … Read more

The Westside Produced Water project, built for Chevron Corporation


The Westside Produced Water project, built for Chevron Corporation, is a plant designed to filter produced water from the Cymric oil field in central California, replacing acres of potentially environmentally harmful evaporative ponds. Produced water is a byproduct of oil production containing leftover hydrocarbons, minerals, and other contaminants, which make the water unfit for human, … Read more

The Design & Fabrication Of The Steam Generator


PCL Industrial Services, Inc. is the largest steam generator manufacturer in California. The dedicated team has been saving clients millions of dollars in operating costs every year through the top-quality steam generators design and fabrication. All steam generators and Econovection™ boxes are designed to meet American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) codes, while the burner and … Read more

How to achieve “green” desalination


In one of the most remarkable turnarounds ever achieved in the face of a natural resource crisis, Israel has overcome a looming fresh water shortage in less than a decade. The country now has such a large water surplus that it can sell significant amounts to its parched neighboring countries. The reversal was made possible … Read more